Eddy Sugiri and Mac Srivinasan

JAKARTA, Jakartaobserver.com- Business Network International (BNI), the largest referral-based global business community organization in the world, is holding its first National Conference in Indonesia. Attended by more than 300 entrepreneurs who took part in exclusive networking sessions, this conference was aimed to boost Indonesia's economy, especially to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
The first BNI Indonesia National Conference was held at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Pacific Place, Friday (11/8/2023) afternoon, and were attended by the Indonesian Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, the State Capital Authority (IKN), the Rebana Metropolitan Area Management Agency (Cirebon-Patimban-Kertajati Region, KADIN, HIPMI, REI, and other associations.
Also present at the event, National Director of BNI Indonesia (Chairman) Setio Prioyono, National Director of BNI Indonesia (Deputy Chairperson I) Eddy Sugiri, National Director of BNI Indonesia (Deputy Chairperson II) Grace Hakim, including international speakers at BNI Global Markets President Mac Srivinasan, CFE and BNI Malaysia National Director Marcus Hwang.
This conference supported by HR Consultant & Development, PT Royal Medicalink Phatmalab, Divine Oracular Assistance(DOA), dan Emtrade.id.
During a press conference after the opening ceremony, Eddy Sugiri explained, the first BNI Indonesia National Conference is a bridge in supporting government programs in building strong and competitive SMEs, as well as supporting the Indonesian economy.
BNI is the largest referral-based business organization in the world, which has provided many business opportunities. Together with BNI, we want to elevate Indonesian economy and support strong and competitive Indonesian SMEs," said Eddy Sugiri.
According to Eddy, is ready to assist the government in supporting its objective.
Indonesia will become developing country and is projected to enter the top five world economies in 2045. It is crucial to push Indonesia apart from the middle income trap or the middle class economic trap. BNI promotes Indonesia's economic growth by increasing the competitiveness of Indonesian SMEs at the global level.

With a network of more than 10,000 chapters in 74 countries that actively provide business referrals to each other, Indonesian SMEs who are members of BNI can expand their market according to the BNI tagline – Local Business, Global Network.
This first national conference is filled with knowledge, education, training, business networking sessions that will connect conference participants and open up business opportunities directly. Entrepreneurs who are members of BNI Indonesia from all chapters also bring their business partners so that the networking sessions are even more interesting.

Meanwhile, BNI Global Markets President Mac Srivinasan, CFE told the media that he was honored to observe the impact of the BNI network on Indonesia's economic growth. BNI's mission has always been to empower businesses and entrepreneurs, and BNI is very proud in developing a platform that facilitates meaningful connections and partnerships.
"The structured networking approach of BNI has unleashed a tide of innovation, allowing businesses of all sizes to prosper and grow. By bringing diverse talents and industries together, we have witnessed the emergence of transformative partnerships that have propelled economic growth and generated innumerable opportunities," said Mac Srivinasan.
BNI Indonesia currently continues to grow rapidly. The combined power of 534+ members and 8+ Chapters makes this possible.
Last year, BNI Indonesia experienced a phenomenal expansion of 150%. This is just the top of the iceberg. "When we contribute to the prosperity of others, we also improve our own lives". Globally, BNI Members have passed on over 14.2 million referrals and generated over $21.9 billion in revenue over the past 12 months, which is equivalent to the GDP of 100+ countries.
"As we continue to expand our network and accept the challenges of an ever-changing world, we remain committed to driving positive change, empowering entrepreneurs, and nurturing an environment in which success knows no bounds. Together, with the combined strength of BNI's members, we are committed to our mission of elevating Indonesia's economy to new heights and creating a sustainable future for future generations", Mac Srivinasan stated. (jo4)

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